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WaveWeb hosts your homepage at the name you registred, e.g. http://«www.my.address»/

If you have a web address at WaveWeb, you can administer that site on your own as a site administrator through http://«my.address»/siteadmin/
You can, for instance, add more users and e-mail addresses.

If you have an user account at that site, you can access and modify your personal profile information through http://«my.address»/personal/
There, you can also have e-mail forwarding and set an automatic vacation message.

At http://«my.address»/neomail/ or
at http://«my.address»/webmail/, you can manage your mail from any place in any browser. You have the choice of two «webmailers».

If your domain has several users, each one of them can also access a personal homepage at http://«my.address»/~«myLoginName»

Here you'll find the parameters to configure your domain.



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